An Editor for Your Book

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

William Mathes found the perfect job to compliment his love of reading.  He became a book editor and works with authors to help them put the final polish on their work.  In a cluttered landscape with increasing competition for attention, agents and publishers are looking for something special, something that stands above the crowd.  A good editor can help an author put that into their work.


Listen to the story. 


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10 Responses to “An Editor for Your Book”

  1. Toni Galvin Says:

    I enjoyed the interview with William Mathes. Sounds like a talented editor, and one who enjoys what he does.


  2. Ed Spina Says:

    Willy edited my book, Mystic Warrior, which helped it to win two national book awards! It was my first book, so at the time, I certainly wasn’t one of those “accomplished writers” that he talks about. It’s a pleasure to work with someone who truly wants your own best voice to come through. As Willy says, “great writing requires great editing.”

  3. Jim Wawro Says:

    Great description of what a book editor does, and how this book editor puts his authors at ease.

  4. Vio Says:

    Willy edited my book “Empathic Exit: Physician –Assisted Suicide”, currently at the layout design point. Since English is not my native language, I asked Willy to do a bit more than just simple editing, that is, to “fix” my sentences is such way that my message should come out loud and clear. Willy was able to preserve my originality while fine-tuning my voice…and yes, he cleaned the mess I made while in a writing crescendo mood. I do not believe for a second that anyone else would have ever done a better job.

  5. Chuck Wilcox Says:

    I’m the closet author that Willy referred to in his interview. I had a novel I had written many years before meeting Willy in 1998. He edited my work and within a few months I had an agent and several publishers who agreed to read my work. I have and continue to recommend Willy. He is terrific.

  6. Kenny Kolter Says:

    Willy is a gifted wordsmith. He interviewed me for a magazine article and the final result was amazing. Thanks!

  7. Mary B. Reinfeld Says:

    Finally a personal approach to editing. I want to finish my books with a personal editor.

  8. Asheesh Pandia Says:

    Willy’s reviews seem really good and I hope to have him work on my book sometime!

  9. Scarlett Wilson Says:

    My name is Scarlett. I have wanted to share my story of getting ran over at the age of 16. I was laying in my driveway and my sister who was 8mnths pregnant at the time ran over me and I was stuck under the motor of the car. I had 8 surgeries total and I was hospitalized for 46 days and sent to rehab. My grandfather passed away the day after I finally got out of rehab, and my sister had her baby the day before. There are so many details to my story I think I would literally have to write a book to explain and describe it all. I’ve always wanted to share my story and inspire others who have suffered from depression or have been injured who can relate. I am now 20 and I look perfectly normal like nothing ever happend to me. I want to be inspiring. I would love to write a book about it but I have no idea where to start, how much it would be and I personally don’t think my writing skills are the best, even though I do love to write. Do you have any advice for me? I would love to hear it!

  10. Corryn Patterson Says:

    My name is Corryn and I’m 13 years old (although I look like I am 10 and have had to listen to stupid comments about my size being only 4’6″)… anyway… that’s not my point. I want to become a book editor and I want to create my own business and make money. I want to be a successful editor and if I could start a business tonight, believe me I would, but being 13 I obviously cannot. 😛 So yeah, I don’t really know what my point is here but I just wanted to share that. Thanks for reading. One day, you may hear of Corryn Patterson (or maybe I might have a different last name…). You know what, I’m gonna shut up now. 😛

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