Holiday Travel at the Chattanooga Airport

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

Holiday travel plans could also mean there is a flight in your future.  The Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport hosts airlines with direct flights to some favorite destinations and connecting flights that can eventually take you just about anywhere in the world.  We spoke with the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority about what to expect if you are flying out of Chattanooga this holiday season.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) updates their website regularly to inform travelers what to expect at airport security checkpoints.   If you are planning to bring holiday gifts with you when you travel, TSA suggests that you not wrap the presents before your flight.   Even if you put the package in your checked luggage a TSA agent might unwrap it to check what is inside.  Plan to wrap those presents once you arrive at your destination or consider shipping them separately.

If you have questions or need assistance while at the Chattanooga Airport find an airport ambassador.  These volunteers can be identified by their Ask Me buttons.  Airport Ambassadors provide information about services at the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport and points of interest around our region.

Listen to the story.

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