Sensei Corey Green Teaches Karate to Students with Special Needs

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

Green’s Karate is the largest and only full-time Traditional Karate school in Chattanooga, Tennessee.    Sensei Corey Green, owner of Green’s Karate has been working with children with special needs since 1997.    In 2007, Green’s Karate trained the first student with Autism to qualify for the Karate Nationals in the non-handicap division.   CNN covered the story:

About Green’s Karate

As one of the finest martial arts school in the U.S.,   Green’s Karate innovative teaching

methods are revolutionary in the martial arts realm.  Sensei Green’s methods for special

needs are research based and proven to work    Sensei Green’s methods are known

as “Green Methods” to describe his umbrella of a variety of approaches to teach students

that have special needs, karate.   Sensei Green teaches students with and

without special needs.

Sensei Green also works with Lee University’s Development Inclusion Classroom, a program focusing on treating children with autism.    The research with L.U.D.I.C. is approved by the Institutional Review Board for testing on human subjects and focuses on Green’s work with teaching karate to  children with autism who are low to moderately functioning.       Green offers other karate teachers the opportunity to learn his “Green Methods” for teaching students with disabilities.

Here’s more about the L.U.D.I.C. program:

Another pioneering program, Lee University Developmental Inclusion Classroom (LUDIC), enabled university students to partner with local school districts to serve 23 young area students with autism-spectrum disorders. Last year, 160 Lee students served 4,182 hours at LUDIC, assisting with activities and services such as an autism camp, educational planning, and family support services.

Listen to the Story with Sensei Green:

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