Janet Eskridge Creates Worlds In Boxes

Janet Eskridge - "Conversations With Birds"

Janet Eskridge is an artist from Lincoln, Nebraska, and she has work on display at the River Gallery in Chattanooga.  She uses wood and wax to create sculpture boxes.  They’re unusual because of the way she combines wax and paint and found objects and creates small, enclosed worlds.

Listen to an interview with Eskridge, recorded at the River Gallery:



Janet Eskridge - "The Telling Chair"

On the River Gallery’s Web site, Eskridge says:

“The art I make is strongly influenced by my childhood, where I lived in the woods of Houston, Texas. I spent hours gathering, arranging and hiding treasures, such as sticks, feathers and rocks, among the trees. From a very early age, I worked in empty defined spaces to create something new.

I work in old boxes. I am fascinated by their untold histories, their scent and the way they look and feel. I combine old paper, handmade books, maps, objects and photographs-all poignant fragments of someone’s story. I incorporate encaustic wax, an ancient technique used by Greek artisans, into each piece.

The space within each box becomes a little world that the viewer is invited to enter and explore. I am intrigued by the metaphors of hidden places, layers and openings. It is my hope that this work will inspire others to question and examine their own private worlds. Themes in my work are birth, re-birth, death, transformation and the struggle to make meaning of the journey.”


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