Radon Action Month

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

The Environmental Protection Agency has designated January as Radon Action Month.  Radon is naturally occurring radioactive gas that can build up in your home, threatening the health of you and your family.  Radon gas is the primary cause of lung cancer in non smoking Americans and is a health risk that can be prevented. The EPA publishes materials available online for home owners and construction companies with information on radon mitigation.

The Chattanooga Hamilton County Health Department can provide information that will help you understand this threat and how to test your home or business for radon gas levels.   Test kits are available to measure the levels of radon in your home and can be found at hardware and  home improvement stores.    The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation will be offering a limited number of free radon test kits for Tennesseans.

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One Response to “Radon Action Month”

  1. radon chattanooga Says:

    this is the month to get your home tested! its cold out (well in most areas) so the gas will build up in your home as you dont open the windows as often. its advised to get a meter and do a week long test then see if you need a system or not, call a pro, this is not a DIY job!

    radon tennessee

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