Track 29

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke


Track 29 is a new music venue planned for Chattanooga.  Located on the Chattanooga Choo Choo Campus, the former ice skating rink will provide a mid-size music venue fitting neatly between the Tivoli’s capacity and clubs here in town.  Plans for Track 29 Club include portable stage components that can be arranged for the optimum concert experience.  The concert sound equipment and lights will be housed on a separate frame capable of adjusting to the room as necessary.   The owners have teamed up with entertainment companies to bring in bands from all across the country.  Track 29 will also provide a larger venue that will give Chattanooga’s local musicians a good mid-size concert hall.

Listen to the story.


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One Response to “Track 29”

  1. Track 29 Sure to Make Chattanooga Shine : The Loop Says:

    […] Track 29 is expected open late this summer just in time for the fall music tours. Listen to a clip of McManus and Kinsey discussing the project on WUTC’s around about here. Around and About: Track 29. […]

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