Chattanooga Physician Prepares For Iditarod Run


A Chattanooga doctor is getting ready to compete in the Iditarod.  He says only one other person from Tennessee has ever done this.  The Iditarod takes place in Alaska each year, and during the race, competitors lead dog teams over a thousand miles of extreme terrain.  They go across ice and snow… through blizzards and temperatures of -50 degrees or more.  It’s been called “The Last Great Race on Earth.”

Dr. James Bardoner is an emergency physician at Erlanger Health System.  In this interview, he discusses why he’s competing, how he’s preparing for it and what some of the dangers may be.


You can read more about Dr. Bardoner at his blog. When the race begins on March 5th, you can track his progress on the official Iditarod Web site.



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One Response to “Chattanooga Physician Prepares For Iditarod Run”

  1. Sandy Rodenbaugh Says:

    I am very proud of my brother. Most people don’t dare to dream. He not only dreams but dares to live his. Dr. Bardoner’s two sisters, myself and Nana Marie Carr as well as his daughter, Jennifer Marie, and his neice, Marina Carr will by in Anchorage to see him off. Love You and Are Proud of You, Bro!

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