Cumberland Trails Broadcast wins National American Trails 2010 Media Award

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

Bob Fulcher pictured above playing the banjo for volunteers.    Fulcher was presented with the 2010 Outstanding Media Award for his radio broadcast by National American Trails organization at the symposium they held in Chattanooga recently.    You can hear his weekly “musical documentaries” at

American Trails says about the “Cumberland Trail” broadcast:

For more than 10 years now, people from all over the world can tune in each Sunday night, at 8:30 PM Eastern Time, to listen to The Cumberland Trail — a half-hour radio program hosted by Bob Fulcher, Park Manager of the Cumberland Trail State Park (a Millennium Legacy Trail), featuring the musicians who live within shouting distance of our trail. His aim is to represent the grassroots music of the 11 county corridor of the Cumberland Trail as realistically and fully as he can.

The Cumberland Trail offers the rarest recordings from our region, often never-before issued or broadcast. Low fidelity. Exquisite. A few rough edges for traction. Electrifying, raw, brilliant performances for those who like the way music really sounds.

The Cumberland Trail is the only state or national park in America using weekly musical documentaries to present and preserve its heritage.

The Cumberland Trail Conference was formed to support the Cumberland Trail.

When completed the Cumberland Trail (CT) will extend 300 miles from its northern terminus in the Cumberland Gap National Park (KY) to its southern terminus at the Chickamauga Chattanooga National Military Park located on Signal Mountain just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee.  This scenic footpath follows a line of high ridges and deep gorges lying along or near the rugged eastern escarpment of Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau, offering a unique wilderness experience and many scenic views, waterfalls, landscapes, gorges, and widely varying flora.  As a remote, backcountry trail it will meander through eleven Tennessee counties primarily on public lands.  These lands are managed by Tennessee’s Departments of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA), and Forestry.  The trail also passes through two national parks and a national scenic river area.  In 1998, the trail was designated the Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park, Tennessee’s first linear state park.  The CT is an official component of the Tennessee Recreational Trails System.

Meet some of the traditional  musicians of the Cumberland Trail corridor here.

Pictured above are Tom, Tammie and Jimmy McCarroll.

Listen to the story with Bob Fulcher:


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  1. benpounds Says:

    Reblogged this on Ben and Larry in Cumberland and commented:
    I’ve been working on research about some of the towns in which we’ll be staying as well as the people in the region generally. For this blog though, I thought I’d start with something accessible: Music. For more on Bobby Fulcher’s work you can listen to a longer interview here:

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