Asala Center teaches Constructive Living

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

Constructive Living is an educational method developed by Dr. David K. Reynolds.
The following comes from his website:

Constructive Living is a Western approach to mental health education based in large part on adaptations of two Japanese psychotherapies, Morita therapy and Naikan therapy.  Constructive Living (CL) presents an educational method of approaching life realistically and thoughtfully.  The action aspect of Constructive Living emphasizes accepting reality (including feelings), focusing on purposes, and doing what needs doing.  The appreciation aspect of Constructive Living enables us to understand the present and past more clearly and to live in recognition of the support we receive from the world.

Diana and Lauryn Peterson teach Constructive Living in Chattanooga through the Asala Center.    Here’s more about this mother and daughter team from their website:

Diana first encountered Constructive Living in 1978 when she met Dr. Reynolds in Japan. Having experienced traditional psychotherapy, she found its practicality immediately useful for a range of problems, from migraines to weaving and work-related projects to physical fitness. She became a certified instructor in 1988.
A School Psychologist by training, Diana, a local taekwondo instructor, uses martial arts as a way of teaching CL principles.  In 2006, Diana and Lauryn hosted a CL instructor training with Dr. Reynolds, as well as hosted the annual international meeting for CL instructors.

Lauryn was raised with principles of Constructive Living and became a certified instructor in 2004 under the direction of Patricia Ryan Madson and Ron Madson at the California Center for Constructive Living.  In 2006, Lauryn assisted her mother in the hosting of the International Association for Constructive Living.  Diana and Lauryn also assisted Dr. Reynolds in a Constructive Living instructor training in 2006.Lauryn recently obtained her yoga teacher certification through the direction of Stephanie Keach and offers private yoga instruction at the Asala Center.  Lauryn teaches a variety of yoga classes in the Chattanooga and North Georgia area.

Lauryn is an instructor of tribal fusion style bellydance at Zanzibar Studio in Chattanooga.  Lauryn offers private bellydance lessons at the Asala Center.  Lauryn has also taught bellydance for local non-profits and Dalton State College.  Lauryn is a proud founding member of Mirabai Bellydance and performs at cultural events.  Lauryn is certified by Ansuya Rathor in Cabaribalusion Bellydance Technique.

Listen to the story:


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