Community Coming Together For Art Tree At Planet Altered

The Community Tree at Planet Altered


A special community tree inside Planet Altered is benefiting a worldwide organization called Charity: Water.  Each brightly-colored paper leaf on the tree represents a donation someone has made.  Planet Altered hopes to raise $5000 with the tree, which would be enough money to buy a well for a village in a developing country where clean water is scarce.

Deborah Tepper is a papercut artist who lives on Chattanooga’s Southside, and she created the tree.  I talked to her at Planet Altered about this very special tree.

Listen to the interview.


The leaves on the tree feature a variety of handwritten messages.


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2 Responses to “Community Coming Together For Art Tree At Planet Altered”

  1. Jean Huddleston Says:

    A billion people around the world do not have clean drinking water. The smallest contribution makes a huge difference!

  2. Margaret Friedman-Vaughan Says:

    I am so proud of the work you are doing, Deborah! You have always amazed me and you continue to inspire me. May you continue to be blessed in the work you do–this is a gift to Chattanooga and to whichever community receives the well with clean drinking water. It will truly be an “etz chaim,” a tree of life. To save one life is as if you have saved the whole worlk. Yasher koach!

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