Volunteers Can Help With Irreplacable Memories

A Tuscaloosa Alabama computer programmer is looking for assistance in storm affected areas throughout the southeast. Christopher Sims, is looking for people with computer experience to set up tents with scanners in areas where last week’s storms had major impact. The tents will allow residents of these areas to bring photographs they have found or photographs they have that were damaged in the storms and need to be repaired. 3 photographers and 2 graphic artists will repair the photographs and return them to their owners.

The computer analyst/programmer at the University of Alabama, Sims said that while helping a woman in Tuscaloosa dig through the rubble of her home.  He said they uncovered a picture of her mother that was damaged. When he gave  the picture to the woman, she broke down crying because it s was the only picture that was left of her mother. Even though it was damaged, she was thankful it had been recovered. Simms said that when he went into his safe spot the night the tornadoes hit, he had his laptop, camera, dogs, family photographs and   grandmother’s recipe box. The last two things could not be replaced if they were lost. He said it is a way he can help others restore a part of their family history that was lost during the storms.

Many of the found photos will be included on the facebook page titled Pictures and Documents found after the April 27 Tornadoes.

This is the link to Simms’ Irreplaceable Memories Website: http://www.irreplaceablememories.us.  Also below is a slide show of tornado destruction and restoration work in the Tuscaloosa Area.



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