Local Graduates of Vermont MFA In Writing Program Celebrate With Public Reading

Chattanooga, Tennessee is a long way from Vermont, but the Vermont College MFA In Writing Program has produced a significant group of graduates who now live here in the Scenic City.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Vermont’s writing program.  The group of local graduates are getting together on Saturday, June 4th to celebrate with a poetry/fiction/creative nonfiction reading.  The public is invited.

Earl S. Braggs joins us for this interview.  He’s a poet and a Vermont graduate.  The first thing that I asked Braggs… is it just a coincidence that so many Vermont graduates have moved here?

From a media release:

What: The Art District on Brainerd Presents Vermont College MFA in Writing Program 30th Anniversary Reading.

When: Saturday Jun. 4th

Where: Comedy Catch

Time: 10:30 to 3:00

Contact info: Earl-Braggs@utc.edu  423 240 0795

On Saturday, June 4th Vermont College MFA in Writing Program graduates living in Chattanooga will mark the college’s 30th Anniversary with a poetry/fiction/creative-nonfiction reading to the public. This celebration will also celebrate, through sponsorship and reading venue, one Brainerd Business Block. While the primary focus will be on the high number of Vermont College graduates living and working in our community, the program is also designed to spotlight and hi-light an up and coming segment of our city, Brainerd’s Art District. The Brainerd business sponsors include Out of The Blue, Dwelling, Art Warehouse, Gannon Art Center, Foxy K-9, Mr. Happy and the host, Comedy Catch.

The program start time is 10:30am. At 12:00 there will be an hour and a half lunch break. Out of the Blue will provide discounted lunches. Also, the lunch break should provide the opportunity for participants to visit Dwelling, Art Warehouse, Gannon Art Center and if you bring your dog, Foxy K9.  The afternoon reading will go from 1:30 until 3:00. There will be a post reading party/get together starting at 6:30 at 450 North Crest Rd. All attendees, readers, family and significant others are invited.

Vermont College graduates include Tom Balazs, UTC Assistant Professor; Sybil Baker, UTC Assistant Professor; Earl S. Braggs, UTC Professor; Helga Kidder, a founding member of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild; Rebecca Cook, UTC Lecturer and founding member of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild; Paige Keown, UTC Lecturer; Susan Roberts, Romance Novelist; Kitty Forbes, Ruzha Cleaveland,  Anne Vance Bright and Rachel Crumble.


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