New Tech Law Enforcement

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

The City of Chattanooga Police Department is ready for an upgrade.  Some of the new technology being incorporated at the police department will help make the job of law enforcement faster and more efficient.  Laptops and wireless access to databases bring more officers to the field.  Paperless reporting helps ensure the latest data is available at every officer’s fingertips.

Sgt. Charles Brown brings 19 years of experience in law enforcement to his assignment as department technology coordinator with an understanding of the needs an officer faces on the job.  Some of the changes his department has instituted includes a shift to laptop computers so that investigators can work more easily in the field.  The paperless  reporting software, links to regional and state-wide databases, and other information access gives more information to officers faced with decisions in the field.    Eventually all of the marked police cars will incorporate cameras which will prove instrumental in evidence gathering and improved performance for the department.

Sgt. Charles Brown

Listen to the story.


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