Scenic City Comedy Search is On at the Comedy Catch!

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

The Comedy Catch celebrates 25 years in Chattanooga hosting this years Scenic City Comedy Search with comedians from throughout the Southeast signed up to entertain and compete for whose funniest.    Listed are the competition dates from the Comedy Catch website:

Thursday June 23 Preliminary Round 1

Thursday June 30 Preliminary Round 2

Sunday  July 17 Preliminary Round 3

Sunday July 31  Preliminary Round 4

Thursday August 11 Semi Round 1

Friday August 12 (10pm show) Preliminary Round 5 (just added)

Sunday August 14 Wildcard for Semi Round 2

Sunday August  28 Semi Round 2

Sunday September 25 Finals

Here’s the rules for the competition:

Every comic has to play by the rules, even the ones who claim that there are no rules.  There are.  Trust us.

Comics learn quickly that the cleaner you work, the more you work.  We aren’t asking you to be totally clean, just don’t be totally offensive.  That means no ‘N’ word, ‘F’ word, (the gay ‘f’ word, not the other one), or ‘C’ word.  If you don’t know what those words are, then this explanation clearly does not apply to you.  Basically, when a comic repeatedly offends the audience, it kills the sweet funny vibe for the rest of the comics.  Don’t be a vibe-killer.

Each comic will get a 7-minute set.  Work out your set time in advance; you will get the music at 7 minutes.  So don’t go over your time, capiche?

The show starts at 8 Eastern.  Comics should check-in by 7.  If you are the last one there, you are the first one up.  Maybe you should lay out your clothes the night before.

Have fun.  There’s never been a good comic who hates his job.  Oh, and make us laugh.  Or else.  But mostly just have fun.

The Prizes:  We know, we know, it’s all about the art.  But money is nice, too.  Right now, the winner, 1st place, numero uno, will get a week of feature work at The Comedy Catch.  2nd & 3rd place in the final will receive a cash prize.  The top 3 from each preliminary will get a guest set, & a cash prize. Cash prizes are currently of an indeterminate value, depending on the amount of tickets sold, comics registered & other business-y mathematical formulas that make our heads hurt.

The Comedy Catch also announces the return of open mic July 15th at Giggles Grill.

Listen to the Story with Comedy Catch Co-owner, Michael Alfano and Comedienne and Comedy Search coordinator, Kristine Kinsey:


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