“The Steps” Web-Noir Series to Film Second Season

Dylan Kussman, actor

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

Here’s a synopsis of Season 1 of “The Steps” from the website Followthesteps.net:

The Steps is a noir mystery web series that tells the story of Charlie Madison, a lowlife private investigator from Los Angeles who’s forced to live under an assumed identity in middle America to escape his criminal past.


A key player in the blackmailing enterprise of Dante Pelinsano (based on the infamous “P.I. to the Stars” Anthony Pellicano), Charlie has to split town when the Assistant D.A. who put Dante in prison seems to determined to bring all his associates to justice as well.  Charlie takes on the name “Ron Harlin” and starts driving east, stopping when he feels he’s gone far enough, which happens to be the seemingly-quiet haven of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Charlie’s attempt to lay low would be a lot easier if he weren’t a recovering alcoholic who quickly sinks into a self-destructive drunken depression when he’s away from recovery meetings for too long.  He finds a group in Chattanooga and attends the meetings regularly, where he’s obviously forced to socialize with the locals.  Desperate for a little income, Charlie takes a job of a questionable nature, and quickly finds himself at the twin centers of a local drug ring and an unsolved homicide investigation, and his struggle to extricate himself from his increasingly dangerous situation is what sets season one of The Steps in motion.

This film noir series can only be viewed on the web and yet The Steps has received over 100,000 world-wide.    Series creator Dylan Kussman has recorded several vlogs that reveal more about the inner world of private investigator on the run Charlie  Madison.

 The Steps creator seeks to continue the series with Season 2 to be filmed in Los Angeles.    Here’s more from the newsletter:

Many of you have also asked us whether or not the story of Charlie Madison is going to continue. The answer, after a lot of late-night brainstorming sessions, is a resounding“Yes!”

But if we’re gonna do it, we’ve got to push the envelope – otherwise, why bother?  So, whereas Season 1 documented several weeks of Charlie’s life in Chattanooga, Season 2 will take place entirely over the course of one night in Los Angeles.  Charlie has 10 hours in LA to dig up the body of his dead ex-girlfriend.  There’s something important buried with her, and obviously only he knows where it is.  Along the way, he’ll need the help of some old friends, friends he left behind when he skipped town. The relationships between Charlie and these criminals and cast-offs are going to speak volumes about who Charlie really is, where he comes from, and what kind of damage his addiction has really caused.

To fund season 2 the production team is utilizing Kickstarter.    Here’s an update on their progress:

pledged of $17,000 goal
days to go

Listen to the interview with Dylan Kussman:


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