“Race Through History” with the Chattanooga History Center

“Get a New Perspective on Chattanooga’s Past!”


Chattanooga, TN The Chattanooga History Center will present, in conjunction with the River Rocks Festival, The 2011 Race Through History, at 10:00am on Saturday, October 1, 2011. The race will begin at the Chattanooga Pier on Chattanooga’s beautiful riverfront, and each team will determine its own route along a 5 kilometer course throughout downtown Chattanooga.  Four-person teams will be given clues which send them to several historic sites in the downtown area.  Teams will be given a task to perform at each site before proceeding to the next.  This race is a fitness activity designed for fun.  Teams can be co-ed, and members must be at least 18 years of age.

A set of Written Rules will be provided for each team, along with an Entry Form and Waiver, both of which must be completed and returned to the History Center office prior to the race.  Race Through History  t-shirts will be provided for all runners at the start of the race, and prizes awarded at the finish line.  Winning team members will receive a Chattanooga History Center membership (beginning immediately and continuing through one full year after the new Center’s exhibits open).

Registration will be accepted through the History Center’s business office, and the entry fee is $60 per team.  Call 423-265-3247, extension 10 for additional information.


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