FRESH at the Gallery Hop

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

The Association for Visual Arts, AVA is hosting an exhibition for emerging artists called FRESH.  The gallery will feature the work of 13 young artists in a debut exhibit on Saturday  September 10, 2011.  FRESH is part of the Gallery Hop, a day to celebrate the visual arts and the diversity of artistic expression that can be found in the galleries in Chattanooga.  A list of galleries participating in the Gallery Hop can be found at AVA’s website. The competition to enter work in the FRESH exhibition ranges all across the Southeast.  The winning artist are:

Martin Arnold – Oxford, MS
Kate Faulkner – Knoxville, TN
Lauren Hill – Gainesville, FL
Lara Jacques – Smyrna, GA
Amy Johnson – Chattanooga, TN
Jessica Jordan – Corington, GA
Jessye McDowell – Durham, NC
Nicole McLaughlin – Palm Harbor, FL
Kyungmin Park – Athens, GA
Elizabeth Pontvik – Ooltewah, TN
Greg Sand – Clarksville, TN
Claire Sonnier – Athens, GA
Norah Wofford – Georgetown, SC

Listen to the story.



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