Faces Of Grief: Coping With The Death Of A Close Family Member


Faces of Grief - Dr. Sherry Hoppe

Dr. Sherry Hoppe’s new book is called Faces of Grief: Stories of Surviving Loss and Finding Hope.  It contains anecdotes and reflections from people who have lost parents, children or other close family members.  It also contains Dr. Hoppe’s thoughts about her own grieving process after losing her husband, Bobby.

Listen to an interview with Dr. Hoppe about her new book.

From the publisher’s Web site:

Death arrives on our doorstep with more questions than answers. At its deepest level, our grief is wordless. We try “empty, “lost,” “heartbroken,” and countless other formations of letters, but none seem adequate to convey the deep sadness that threatens to swallow us in a sea of sorrow.

Dr. Sherry Hoppe, author of Sips of Sustenance, Grieving the Loss of Your Spouse, shares wisdom of well-known writers, along with personal stories of more than 20 individuals who have found strength to go on with their lives after losing a precious child, a loving mother, a special sibling, or other loved ones. Though the tapestry of their lives may forever by woven with poignant threads of grief and sorrow, their courageous stories are testimonies of hope—hope that even though you will never get over your grief, you can get through it.

Sherry Hoppe is the author of A Matter of Conscience, Redemption of a hometown hero, Bobby Hoppe; Sips of Sustenance: Grieving the Loss of Your Spouse; as well as authoring and editing books on adult education for the academic market.Dr. Hoppe’s first career was as a counselor before getting her Ph.D in adult education and entering the academic world. She is the retired president of Austin Peay State University and served as president at Roane State College and Nashville State College.


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