National Day of Listening 2011

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke



The National Day of Listening is the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This year it is November 25th and National Public Radio’s Story Corps is inviting everyone to take a moment during their busy day and thank a teacher.  People are encouraged to contact a favorite teacher and record an interview.  If you are unable to interview a teacher that influenced your life you can still participate in National Day of Listening by posting a memory to facebook (@storycorps) or twitter (@storycorps, #thankateacher).

There are several ways to document your interview on the National Day of Listening.  Any recording device will work such as a cellphone, video recorder, digital recorder or computer.  Story Corps provides tutorials and additional information to help you prepare for your interview or perhaps you just plan to record your conversation.  Even if you do not make a recording of the moment you can still post your participation on the Wall of Listening at the National Day of Listening website.  No matter what you have planned for Friday, take a moment or two to thank a teacher for the influence they have had on your life.

Listen to the story.



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