“Have A Seat” Gives Voice to Chattanooga Homelessness

ETC "Have a Seat"

Have a Seat is an original theatre piece created by the actors and co-directors, Christy Gallo and John Thomas Cecil.    Gallo gives a description of the 5 characters in Have a Seat which are based on the, “Top five reasons why people identify that they are homeless.”

Martha Jean – been on the streets most of her life and is now old enough to receive government housing
Leo – has aspergers, has been on the streets 7 years after suffering the loss of his wife
Arthur – new to homelessness after his father kicked him out of the house for being gay, is/was a student, struggles with drugs
Jinx – she ran away from her abusive father and has been riding the rails, and finally looking for a way to get her life back
Amy – lived beyond her means, lost her job, was evicted and her father wouldn’t help, been homeless about 4 months

Gallo and Cecil based this play on research from the Homeless Coalitions 2009 Blueprint and from statistics from the most recent Census.    One character in Have a Seat is based on an actual person as seen through the eyes of her social worker.    Here’s more from the ETC press release:

By the Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga

Directed by John Thomas Cecil and Christy Gallo

Dec 2- Dec 18 (Fridays 7:30, Saturdays 2:00, Sundays 3:00 AND/OR 6:30)

Description: We close out the season with an introspective look from the bottom up. The idea was presented about structuring a piece of theatre based on the concept of “if these chairs could talk.” We took that idea a step further by addressing the idea that a seat looks at the world from below everyone and couple that with the idea communities across country are slowly becoming inundated with homeless populations, who also see society from the bottom up. So HAVE A SEAT is going to focus of the homeless community in Chattanooga, spotlighting where they sit, where they hang out and who they are.

Listen to the Story with Co-Directors and Cast Members:



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