Chattanooga School Of Language Begins New Term


In this segment, we find out how one woman’s trip to Costa Rica led to a new school being founded in Chattanooga.

Laurie Stevens is the Founding Director of the Chattanooga School of Language.  She sent us this media release:

Chattanooga School of Language begins its second term of classes on January 9, offering a selection of five different languages to the greater Chattanooga community.

The newly-created language school plans to offer German, Italian, French, Spanish and Mandarin classes, and is actively enrolling students of all abilities and previous language training.  A special parent-child language class will also be offered.

CSL seeks to provide each student with an immersion-like experience through its small classroom settings, experienced and well-traveled teachers, a dual focus on grammar and conversation, the use of various teaching mediums (film, music, literature, cooking, etc.), and an emphasis on cultural training. Classes can also be created to best fit the student’s abilities and schedules.
Each term lasts for six weeks, and students meet twice a week for two hours each class.  Classes are available in beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, and students will take assessments to help track progress throughout the term.  Classes meet at La Paz Chattanooga located at 1402 Bailey Avenue.

According to Founding Director Laurie Stevens, “There is power in learning another language and culture different from your own.  Whether it’s to travel the world, attain a higher-paid position at the office, or simply because you want to grow your mind, learning another language opens doors and provides life-changing experiences. CSL is proud to provide that opportunity to the people of Chattanooga.”

If you register before December 30, you will receive 20% off!

For more information and to register, visit or call 423.802.2040.



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