Kevin Bate: Chattanooga Muralist and Artist

Photo courtesy of Kevin Bate /

If you’ve been on Frazier Avenue in Chattanooga lately, you’ve probably seen the Father of Technology mural that’s currently in progress. The mural features portraits of Charles Babbage and Nikola Tesla. The portraits are being painted by Chattanooga artist Kevin Bate. His art can be found all over the city. Garrett Crowe spoke with Kevin Bate about his work and his success.

Listen to the story.


3 Responses to “Kevin Bate: Chattanooga Muralist and Artist”

  1. George Bate Says:

    Terrific interview. Of course their is no bias, Kevin is my nephew.

  2. Marie Ubiles Says:

    We love Kevin’s art so much we took his “Monster” home. He’s a very talented artist.

  3. Kim Coder Says:

    great art, but spell check would have been nice. Something ironic about murals of intelligent scientists with misspelled words in their quote (i.e. FORSIGHT in Tesla’s)

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