Chattanooga Triathlon Club

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

Running, swimming, bicycle riding all combine in one race for a triathlon.  The enthusiasm for the sport of triathlons is growing in the Scenic City.  The Chattanooga Triathlon Club meets the fourth Monday of every month and provides training, education and a social outlet for these athletes.  Membership is open to all ages regardless of ability or fitness level.  The focus of the meeting is to provide an outlet for education about the sport and a chance to schedule training sessions as well as opportunities to share resources for the three sports in a triathlon.  The next meeting of the Chattanooga Triathlon Club is Monday, February 27th at T2 Fitness beginning at 6:00 pm.

Listen to the story.


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One Response to “Chattanooga Triathlon Club”

  1. Ed Rusk Says:

    Great report! Thanks for sharing this information. Those ladies sound awesome! (but of course I’m married to one of them). Good job, Rabbit!

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