Vaudeville Cafe Hosts ‘Mouth of the South’ Comedy Competition

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

This comedy competition has attracted upwards of 60 comedians from the Tennessee Valley and beyond, reports Vaudeville Manager Sandra Moses.    Each Tuesday night 9-10 comedians will be given 7 minutes of stage time to show what their made of.   Comics will be judged based on originality of material, stage presence and timing.    Three judges will give scores between 1 and 25 points for each act.   Three comics from each night will advance to the semi-finals.    And finalists will compete for cash and future bookings with Funny Business Comic Agency.

Listen to the story with comedians Kristine Kinsey and Chad Rosser and Vaudeville Cafe Manager Sandra Moses:


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One Response to “Vaudeville Cafe Hosts ‘Mouth of the South’ Comedy Competition”

  1. Ron Daughtrey Says:

    I am interested in signing up. Are there any spots available.

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