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Daniel Griffith: The Man Behind Ballyhoo Motion Pictures

December 22, 2010


Sometimes, when you watch a DVD, the special features are the best part.  But did you ever wonder who creates those special features?  You might be surprised to learn that a Chattanooga filmmaker has made quite a few.

Daniel Griffith is the man behind Ballyhoo Motion Pictures.  His company has made several short documentaries, and those documentaries have been used as extra features for Mystery Science Theater 3000 box sets and other films released on DVD.

We might think of old sci-fi films as B-movies.  But Griffith sees something more–as a filmmaker himself, he says he can learn from the way those B-movie directors and producers dealt with their challenges.

How “Santa Claus Vs. The Devil” Came To America

December 8, 2010


The Mexican film, Santa Claus (1959)

On December 10th, Turner Classic Movies will air one of the strangest Christmas films ever made.  Created in 1959, it’s officially titled “Santa Claus,” but it’s better known as “Santa Claus Vs. The Devil.”  You might remember seeing it in Chattanooga theaters–it used get re-released every few years at Christmas.  More recently, you might remember seeing it lampooned on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The film was originally created in Mexico, and a promoter named K. Gordon Murray brought it to the United States and dubbed it into English.  Today, we will discover who K. Gordon Murray was, and why he brought this film to American children.  In the 1960’s, Murray was known as the “King of the Kiddie Matinee.”

Daniel Griffith joins us.  Griffith is a Chattanooga filmmaker and an expert on the subject.  Griffith has been working on a documentary about Murray’s life, called the Wonder World of K. Gordon Murray.


Listen to the story.


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