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ETC Stages “Stoning Mary,” by British Playwright Debbie Tucker Green

March 21, 2011

Reporting:  Monessa Guilfoil

Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga brings the voice of female British Playwright, Debbie Tucker Green to the stage in the Scenic City.     Green worked as a stage manager in theatre for 10 years before debuting as a playwright in London.

Lyn Gardner wrote in the Guardian about Debbie Tucker Green:

Debbie Tucker Green is mystified as to how her plays develop. They start with a voice in her head that won’t go away, and grow into scraps of writing that she then fits together. Trying to explain how it works, she waves her hands around in the air as if making an intricate 3D jigsaw. “I never set out to write plays,” she says. “I was just messing about, writing stuff down and throwing it away or keeping it if it interested me. Then the writing started to get longer. I didn’t know whether it was a poem, the lyrics to a song or a play. It is all much of a muchness to me. It’s all words, ain’t it?”

ETC producer and actor, Christy Gallo was introduced to, “Stoning Mary” at the Royal Court Theatre while on a trip to London.     She was so impressed that she bought a hardback copy of the play while there.

Gardner continues about Green’s latest play which opened at the Royal Court Theatre in 2005:

Stoning Mary has a teasing quality that makes the audience work hard to figure out exactly how the characters are connected as it pieces together three apparently disunited stories. In the first, a couple, both suffering from Aids, can only afford one prescription for the drugs both need to stay alive; in the second, a child soldier returns to his parents. The final story concerns two sisters, the youngest of whom has been condemned to death by stoning.

Listen to the Story: