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South East Tennessee Veterans Coalition

December 7, 2011

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

American Veterans returning from deployments often face challenges, especially if they have sustained injuries.  The most common injury from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is related to traumatic brain injuries (TBI) which can also lead to epilepsy.  An epileptic seizure can take many forms. A blank empty stare or rapid eye blinks for a period of time are not uncommon for individuals that develop epilepsy from a TBI.  For many veterans, this condition can lead to lifestyle changes and it is possible they might not know where to go for information and assistance when needed.  The Epilepsy Foundation is teaming up with the United Way of Greater Chattanooga to develop the South East Tennessee Veterans Coalition, an alliance with nonprofit organizations and agencies that can help provide information or services.

Access to the network of services will be provided through the United Way’s 2-1-1 call line.  This information can relate to Veteran’s Administration services or other social services that can provide assistance to American Veterans.

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