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Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga Produces Original, “Silent Christmas”

December 13, 2010

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

Directed by Garry Lee Posey

Music Direction by John Thomas Cecil

Stage Managed by Seth Wilson

Set Designed by Christy Gallo

Featuring: Marianna Allen (Short Attention Span 2010), Jamie Goodnight (Furry Tails), Ellen Poole (Deadlies), Ryan Laskowski (Mixed Media), Bill LaPoint, Morgan Robbins, & Kalena Wood

ETC also offers “Furry Tails… With a Twist,” a touring show for youth written by Jennifer Hickok DeFratis:

The premise of the play is simple.  Two actors show up at a school to perform three famous children’s stories.  However, within the first three minutes of showing up, their script gets out of order and the intern that typed it forgot to add page numbers.  Not only did this intern forget to add page numbers but she made some very interesting typos.  Improvising, the ways the actors skillfully know how to do, they start the show “as written” only to discover that certain props and costumes were not packed.  EEEK!  But the two actors survive, the audience assists with stories and lessons are learned about recycling, story structure and being kind to animals.  A hilarious hoot through to the end!

Listen to the Audio with Director, Garry Posey about “Silent Christmas,” the original production by ETC: