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Days of Remembrance

May 18, 2011

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

The Holocaust claimed the lives of approximately 6 million European Jews during World War II.  Nazi Germany systematically exterminated millions and worked others to death in slave labor camps and death marches.  The National Days of Remembrance were established in the United States as an annual commemoration of the events of the Holocaust.

Sol Lurie was a young boy living with his family in Lithuania when the Nazi’s invaded.  He shared his story as a Holocaust survivor in a two-part special on Around and About.  Part 1  is the story of trials and tribulations as the young Sol lived the horrors of the ghetto and concentration camps.  In Part 2 Sol shares his triumph of liberation and time spent sharing a message of love with young people to help reduce hate in the world.

Part 1 

Part 2