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Triple Whipple at The River Gallery

December 14, 2010


The Triple Whipple exhibit is showing this month at the River Gallery in downtown Chattanooga’s Bluff View Art District.  The Whipples are a family of artists from Winter Park, Florida, where they share studio space with more than 20 other artists.  Marty and her husband George founded the studio about twenty-five years ago.

Marty Whipple creates wearable sculptures and collages.  Her son John paints on very unusual surfaces, and his wife Lynn is a mixed-media artist.

Recently, I talked to Lynn, John and Marty about their work.  We discussed what it’s like to work together so closely and to share studio space with someone who is a spouse or a parent.

Listen to the story.

One of Lynn Whipple's "Ninny" series of works.

Lynn Whipple often adds whimsical or ironic captions to antique photographs.

John Whipple's "Misfit" is painted on sheet metal.

John painted this face on a piece of wood flooring.

Marty Whipple's collages combine different faces.

"Seating For One," by Marty Whipple.