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Vaudeville Café Joins Chattanooga’s Alternative Comedy Scene

November 2, 2011

Chattanooga’s alternative comedy scene has been growing for more than two years, and it now includes Web series such as Natural 20’s and stand-up comedy in local bars and clubs.  Joel Ruiz is a performer, writer and one of the scene’s main organizers.  In this segment, he discusses some new developments, including how he’s now working with the Vaudeville Café to bring local acts to their stand-up showcases on Friday and Saturday nights.


Here’s the teaser trailer for the Web series Natural 20’s:


And a big headliner coming up – on December 16th and 17th, Bobcat Goldthwait will come to the Vaudeville Cafe to perform three shows.  Tickets are available on Vaudeville’s Web site.