Common Sense And Whiskey Recounts Murray’s Modest Adventures


North Georgia resident Bill Murray is a world traveler, a voice-over artist and a photographer.  He and his wife Mirja often fly all over the world, collecting stories and photographs.  They’ve been to more than 100 countries–places like Bhutan, Patagonia and Tibet.  Murray’s travel photographs are collected on the Web site  His new travel memoir tells the stories behind those photos… stories of experiencing exotic locations, places many Americans might find intimidating.  But Murray says you can handle just about anything with a believable grin, common sense and whiskey.  And that’s the title of his book, Common Sense and Whiskey: Modest Adventures Far From Home.

Listen to an interview with Murray.

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One Response to “Common Sense And Whiskey Recounts Murray’s Modest Adventures”

  1. Bill Murray Says:

    Thanks, Mike. Being on Around and About was a lot of fun and I hope those who were listening enjoyed our talk. It was a pleasure to be on your show.

    Bill Murray

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